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St Clair Shores OB/GYN is committed to helping you reach your weight and nutrition goals with a comprehensive list of services for weight management and nutrition including complimentary online personal coaching from Lori Werner.

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Understanding your Food Sensitivities

food intolerances

St Clair Shores OBGYN is now offering Food Intolerance Testing.  If you are dealing with issues such as weight gain, bloating, joint aches, anxiety, digestive issues or skin breakouts, it could be something that you're eating.  Over 80% of the population has some kind of food sensitivity and do not even know it.  Symptoms don't show up for 2-3 days making it difficult to pinpoint what food is causing the issue.  Food intolerance testing provides a scientifically proven report with your food sensitivities and intolerances.

Food intolerance can occur when our bodies cannot properly digest and convert the foods we eat into the necessary nutrients that fuel our systems. More simply, food intolerance can occur when you eat something but it fails to be properly broken down in the intestines. The main reason for this failure (maldigestion) is due to a lack of digestive enzymes - it’s their job to break down food molecules so that they can be properly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Learn about Food Intolerance Testing

When the body doesn’t produce enough (or any) of an enzyme that a food requires for proper digestion, the proteins cannot convert into amino acids or nutrients, and will start accumulating in the gut and eventually make their way into the bloodstream improperly.

Call St Clair Shores OBGYN (586) 779-9400 to schedule your Food Intolerance test or let your doctor know at your annual exam if you'd like this done.

Our Upcoming Wellness Groups

7-Day No Sugar Challenge - FREE!


Your 7-day plan to kick sugar to the curb and reclaim your health!

  • Cook meals that are flavorful and healthy
  • Break free of the sugar addiction causing your health issues
  • Avoid hidden sugars that are in so many products
  • Enjoy nourishing your body with fresh, delicious ingredients
  • Cleanse your body of stored sugars to start fresh & detox
  • Personal Coach & Online Support Group included
7 day sugar cleanse

Sign-Up for the 7-Day No Sugar Challenge

30 Days to Healthy Ways Program


30 days to get support, reach new goals, and refresh your routine.  Plus, we’ve got all new recipes, new workouts, new meal plans, and tips from our health coach Lori Werner.


How It Works?

When you join our 30 Days to Healthy Ways Program, you get a complete solution that you'll have access to for the entire YEAR, not just for 30 days.  So this is NOT a quick fix, but the start of a real lifestyle change for you.


We will be focusing on Fitness, Nutrition and Accountability - the 3 pillars to success.


We will be focusing on getting in a quick 30 minute workout each day.  If you already have a fitness program you LOVE, great.  If you don't, as part of this program, you can get Beachbody On Demand which has over 600 workouts to choose from.  You can stream the workouts on your TV, Laptop, Tablet or Phone.  You can also walk, bike or do any workout program that suits you.  The goal is to get in 20-30 min each day.



We will also be focusing on cutting out the foods that make you fat - sugar, processed foods and unhealthy carbs.  You'll get clean eating meal plans and 30 days of my favorite healthy superfood smoothie that will provide you all the vitamins and nutrients you need to curb cravings and fuel your body naturally.  We will use the 80-20 Rule for Nutrition so you don't feel deprived! You'll stick to your healthy eating during the week, so you don't feel guilty at weekend holiday parties!



You'll have a personal coach, Lori Werner to help keep you accountable, and an entire community of other women just like you in our private support group. Your Coach and the private group will be with you every step of the way to help you create habits that will stick.

30-days-to-healthy-ways program

And the results are backed by a 30 day guarantee, so there is zero risk.  Our Health Coach Lori Werner is a Free service included with any of the 3 packages below.

How much?

There is an investment required. You can choose from ONE of three different packages that suits you best:


  1. Fitness, Nutrition & Superfood package $160 (need to get your butt in gear? No time for the gym? Get 1 year access to over 600 streaming workouts, daily superfoods and hundreds of meal plans in this complete package).
  2. Nutrition Simplified Package $130 (love your current fitness routine but need help with nutrition - this option is for you!)
  3. Fitness Only Package $99 (1 year access to over 600 at home workouts for just $99 bucks for the whole year)


This is going to keep you motivated and accountable to find balance between sweets and treats and staying on track. Lori is one of the top health coaches in the US and has helped thousands of women just like you.

Lori Werner

Lori Werner

“The key to creating a habit and developing long term success is accountability. You are much more likely to commit when you have someone else holding you accountable to your goals. As a coach, I help to keep you motivated, encouraged and accountable throughout your health journey!”

St Clair Shores OB/GYN is proud to partner with Lori Werner, a health, wellness, and life coach who specializes in helping busy women achieve their personal weight loss and health goals.


Lori understands the struggles that women have finding time for healthy eating and exercise and keeping up with the obligations at home. Through her personal experience in getting her own family healthy, she has learned how to incorporate clean eating and simple fitness into a routine that fits a busy lifestyle. Lori is certified in Personal Nutrition and Child Nutrition from the Shaw Academy and for the past 5 years has led hundreds of busy women through a weight loss and lifestyle change via her online coaching business and accountability groups.

As a coach, Lori helps clients to create a fitness plan that can be incorporated into a busy schedule (in under 30 minutes per day), she teaches the concepts of “clean eating” with portion control, and shows clients how to meal plan and prep for the week ahead. She also provides her clients with complimentary access to her private online accountability and support groups filled with other women who are on the same mission.

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I joined Lori's group because I was ready to regain control of my food and fitness. I enjoy the challenge groups because it helps to keep me accountable while getting support from coaches and other participants. I especially love recipes and other fitness tips"

~ Erin W.

Since starting my fitness journey in June, 2015, I have completely changed my life. I have not only lost weight (28 lbs) and shed inches (25), but have become stronger in mind, body, and spirit. I have a level of confidence that I had always been trying to achieve. I first joined Lori's challenge group in July, 2015, after hearing the benefits of participating in a group like this. What I had been doing up until this point was not working, so I figured I would give it a shot. I had committed to going all in on the 21 Day Fix program, so this would fit perfectly. This group provided me with the support, motivation, confidence, and accountability that I had been searching for. I would not be where I am today without the continuous support of the challengers in the group each month, and the unparalleled motivation and encouragement that everyone provides each day. I have witnessed many people makes extraordinary changes in their lives just by committing to a challenge group… and to themselves."

~ Lisa W.

I decided to join the program based on a few reasons. The program offers “at home” focused exercise that lasts around 30 minutes offers a total body workout. Before that I was spending a whole hour in a treadmill at home and did not have good results. I was also tired of dieting, and this program offered guidance for portion control and clean eating and Shakeology. Personally with this program I actually get to eat more food than before. It is a balanced program that includes carbs, protein, vegetables, fruits, oils. etc. Lori is committed to be by my side as my coach during this life changing journey. She has been an awesome role model and supportive. She is a person to ask questions, make you keep moving when you feel like quitting, provide tips, recipes, and positive reinforcement. In my first 3 weeks I lost 10 pounds and 12 inches. I’m still moving forward with my goals. It is contagious, my husband and kids workout with me now. I would recommend Coach Lori and her Challenge Program to anyone. "

~ Cynthia N.

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